Verizon FIOS Deals – The biggest deals on the web!

Over the past decade, the communication technology has become an even more important part of the world’s society than in the past. In the past, there was dial-up, and that was top of the line for most residential internet users. However over the years as technology grew, people and companies realized they needed a faster and more dependable way to access the internet and communication in general.

After dial-up came DSL and Cable internet, and now FIOS systems are finally becoming available to residential customers. The FIOS system uses a series of fiber-optic communication cables to transmit the information. In the past, FIOS was available to business customers for faster and more reliable connections, but it wasn’t until recently that Verizon started offering FIOS services to their residential customers. Verizon is one of the first communication companies that has offered this.

What is FIOS and how does it work?

FIOS systems use series of fiber-optic communication cables that allow information to pass over 2 total wavelengths, and these are on the infrared spectrum. Regardless if you use Verizon for your phone service, internet service, or television service, it doesn’t matter when it comes to FIOS, because they all three pass through the same channel. This allows for speeds to be increased and made more stable than both cable and DSL in overall performance.

Deals and Tips on Getting the Best Deal for your Family

Not everyone needs all three services. Some people prefer to use their cellphones as opposed to a house phone, and some people prefer to watch their television shows and movies online streaming rather than on the time clock of traditional television. It is for this very reason that companies like Verizon often offer a variety of deals for their customers. In the following section, there will be some tips for which types of deals will benefit a residential customer more and why.

Contract or No Contract

A lot of times people are less inclined to sign a contract if they are not familiar with the services that they are getting or the company they are signing the contract with. The worst thing ever is to sign a contract with a company only to find out that they have poor service in general as far as technology or their customer service lacks. Often times services that offer a contract give a much better deal in the long run, but this option in choice is entirely up to the resident purchasing the services. The best advice given on this area is if one is new to the terms of the technology, they might wish to sign up with a deal that requires no contract in order to test the company for their approval. Once they are satisfied with the technology and the company in general, it would benefit them to enter into a contract to get even better deals on the services needed.

FIOS Television? Yes or No

Everyone has watched television through cable and satellite at one point or another, and everyone can tell the difference in a regular television station and a high definition television station. The good thing about television ran through FIOS is the fact that it runs smoother than either cable or satellite giving the best quality picture to people available.

Internet using FIOS Systems

FIOS is considered to be one of the top internet sources for people that enjoy streaming and gaming on their computer. It offers a free and less lag environment than both cable internet and DSL internet. It can be extremely expensive, or rather it use to be, which is why it was only offered to businesses and not residential customers, but now thanks to deals through Verizon, it is a great choice.

Combining Services with Deals

Verizon is one of the first communication companies that has come up with a variety of deals and Verizon FIOS promotion codes that include FIOS services. They have compiled a multitude of different deals that combine different combinations of their FIOS phone, internet, and television services. This offers their customers a wide range of options to choose 1 of 3 or even all three and receive special pricing for a prolonged period with or without contracts depending on the specific deal purchased. Make sure you visit Lushtech for the latest deals!

About Verizon

Verizon is a highly respected communication company that brings it’s services to it’s residential and business customers alike. They main headquarters is located in New York, and currently, they have over 180,000 employees that work for them worldwide. According to Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, the goal of the Verizon company is to deliver powerful answers to the world’s biggest challenges. They have received countless awards for their customer service and their services in general including but not limited to No. 1 In Our Industry 2013: Fortune Magazine and Best Quality 2013: J.D. Power and Associates.

How to find great deals on FIOS

Verizon FIOS is a great service for those who are looking for a topic quality internet and/or cable television service. However, the prices can be a bit steep, which is why Verizon FIOS promotional offers are so enticing. Here is a look at some of the best FIOS deals that are available right now, in addition to tips on how to find these deals.

Verizon is always looking to add to their customer base, and has various promotional offers going on every month. However, each of their offers has a time limit, which is why you need to be decisive when you find the right offer. Instead of saving the offer for a few weeks in the future, sign up as soon as you see an offer you are interested in. While they will have other promotions in a few weeks, those offers may not be what you are looking for.

Where to Find Deals:

This website will provide you with the latest Verizon FIOS promotional offers. As soon as the company comes up with new promotions, they will be shared on this page. Think of it as a one stop shop for all your Verizon FIOS promotional needs.


Verizon FIOS is currently running a triple play promotion, which provides a monthly price of $89.99 for their three services. For $90 a month, you will get access to their internet, television and home phone services. The internet package comes in at 15/5 Mbps, while the television will be their Prime FIOS package. You must sign up to a two year commitment in order to get this offer.
In addition to the $90 a month for the triple play, this offer also includes a $300 gift card. This gift card is either a $300 Visa gift card, or a $300 Amazon gift card, and is mailed to your home address 90 days after you get the FIOS service installed (check lushtech for the latest offers).

If the triple play is too much for you, the Verizon FIOS double play might be more your speed. This is an offer of $69.99 per month for cable television and FIOS internet. The internet and television packages are identical to the ones in the first promotional package. You can add services such as HBO, Showtime, Sports Packages, and much more to your FIOS tv deal.


Verizon FIOS has always gotten great reviews from customers all over the country. People are very satisfied with the service they get, and the prices they have to pay. Those who sign up through the promotional offers are even happier about the service. The terms of the promotional offers are always fully met, and Verizon’s customer service is described as “excellent”.

For more details on Verizon’s triple and double play packages, and their general services, you can visit their website. You will find detailed information about every package, including channels, speed, length of contract, and total 24 month pricing. When you feel that you have found the right package, you can come back here and select the appropriate Verizon FIOS promotional code.

AT&T Uverse Review

It cannot be denied that the world of digital entertainment has become rather competitive as there are now a lot of technological advancements that are introduced by big cable companies. To keep up with the competition in digital entertainment industry, AT&T has introduced an entertainment bundle called U-verse. This entertainment bundle package is quite similar to the other digital entertainment packages that are offered by other cable companies.

This entertainment bundle package includes digital TV, digital Voice and Internet. With the AT&T U-verse, the subscriber has several options to choose from. Basically, the user can choose the number of channels that will be included in the bundled plan, the speed of the internet, and the option to include home phone services. There are also bundled packages that do not include home phone service. Such type of bundled package is best for those people who prefer not to have a home phone as they strictly make use of their mobile phones.

AT&T U-verse offers a lot of great features that can compete with the other cable features of the other cable companies. These features include:

• Affordable bundled rates that are comparable to the pricing of other cable companies.

• Bundled packages that can be customized basing on the subscriber’s needs. With this feature, the subscriber will only be paying for digital entertainment features that he or she likes.

• Caller ID features which include caller ID on television.

• DVR features would include the ability to record up to 4 shows at a time.

• Internet speeds are great too. This digital entertainment package offers high speed internet at an affordable rate.

• The introduction of the U-verse app. This application allows the subscriber to access their TV library via their mobile devices like their smart phones, laptops, and tablets.

• With the U-verse app, the subscriber will also have the ability to schedule DVR recordings via their mobile devices. With this app, subscribers will have the chance to record their favorite shows even when they are not at home and watch the shows whenever they want.

• This entertainment package also offers various applications that are available for use direct on the subscriber’s TV sets. Examples of these applications include the Pix & Flix which allows subscribers to display photos from their mobile devices right into their TV screens and Jukebox which allows subscribers to play music from their mobile devices on the TV.

While these are certainly great features to look up to, there are also some drawbacks of this digital entertainment package. These are some of the drawbacks of the AT&T U-verse:

• DVR recordings cannot be watched via the mobile app.

• The first month’s bill will be high due to on time installation charge and activations fees. Equipment will also have a monthly rental rate.

• The internet speeds offered are not guaranteed by AT&T. In fact, there are many subscribers who report that the actual internet speed is slower compared to what is advertised.

• AT&T U-verse is not available in all areas. Thus, it is important to check if this is offered in one’s location.

• Early terminations fees are charged if the subscriber cancels service within the contract period.

• Technical services are not readily available during weekends. If there is an issue that would require visit from a technician, the issue will be resolved only on business days.

AT&T U-verse truly has a lot of great features to offer. While there may also be drawbacks, it is best to consider if the pros outweighs the cons before making a decision. Make sure you check out for the best AT&T Uverse coupons!

Verizon FIOS Review

Verizon FIOS ReviewVerizon FIOS: #1 Cable Bundle Provider

In the field of technology, there’s the understandable assumption that newer is better. In the digital age, this is a practical line of thought. In a world of constantly evolving devices with numerical updates, crowds line the streets for the latest doohickey that’s been improved based on past devices. It makes sense. All new technology is derived from previous generations, and allegedly built to be better.

DSL has been around for at least three decades. The cable we’re familiar with has been around since 1997. On the other hand, fiber optic tech was first deployed in the mid-2000s. If we apply the newer tech is better principle to Verizon FIOS, it would definitely deserve a stab at proving itself a cut above the competition.

Pros and Cons of Verizon FIOS


  • Excellent speeds. With a FIOS Internet connection and a good computer, expect streaming, uploading and downloading, game play and more to be effortless.
  • The television programming is not only exceptional, but is sensibly blocked. Family channels are grouped in a general area, as is educational, movies, etc. That means if you’re looking for a show to watch with the kids, you’ll find the majority of children’s programming in one section of the guide. This is unlike most services where channels seem placed almost haphazardly.
  • Verizon FIOS includes a number of exclusive channels that can’t be found anywhere else, including BBC News, AZN Television and CNN International.
  • If you want to take full advantage of your television’s high definition capability, FIOS has more HD channels than most of its competitors. It also offers personalized packages so that you only pay for what you’re viewing.


  • If you’re working with a budget, FIOS can be a tad expensive. A minimized package can still run almost $100 after one includes taxes and fees. Yet, in their favor, there aren’t many providers that can say different and offer a comparable, quality service.
  • Like most services, FIOS may ask you to commit to a contract of at least one year. They may offer an incentive, like a discount on charges, but it will still be a commitment. If you find yourself dissatisfied, you may be expected to pay a hefty fee to get out of the contract.
  • A router is required for Verizon FIOS television service. It’s necessary for pay-per-view programming and accessing the program guide, but you have to pay a monthly fee for the router.


Overall, cable providers receive some of the lowest scores in customer satisfaction than most consumer services. A lot of that probably isn’t based on the services themselves. It’s more likely consumers don’t choose providers or packages carefully and end up blaming the company after the fact. For the record though, the #1 consumer advocate publication, Consumer Reports, recently named Verizon FIOS as the best cable bundle provider in its industry.

For television, Internet connection and phone service, Verizon FIOS has all the goods. They get high ranks in customer satisfaction, promising the best speeds, the most HD channels and quality phone service. People are happily switching every day!

Make sure you visit our Verizon FIOS promotion code page at Lushtech!

AT&T U-Verse vs Verizon FIOS

Both AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FIOS offer Internet, Television, and Voice options that will work for most. Read on for some of the benefits and drawbacks of each service.

AT&T U-Verse Service

ATT Uverse

AT&T U-Verse offers high speed Internet, great digital television, and dependable phone service at a reasonable price that is hard to beat. AT&T’s familiar phone interface and great TV selection make it a good choice for many.


• TV Selection – AT&T U-Verse offers a much larger selection of television channels than Verizon FIOS. More channels are available at many different levels of service, and many available channels are HD. People looking for the best television package out there will find the most options at the best prices through AT&T.

• Inexpensive – AT&T U-Verse offers a variety of plan options with a pricing structure that allows for low cost light usage choices. Verizon’s plans come with more overall, but the prices are higher


• Internet Data Cap – AT&T caps U-Verse Internet downloads at 250GB, with additional content costing another $10.00 per 50GB chunk. This makes Verizon’s FIOS service a less expensive option for many of those who watch HD Internet based television or download large files on a regular basis.

• Slower Internet Speeds – AT&T doesn’t offer the extreme high speed Internet options that Verizon can provide. While AT&T U-Verse does provide service capable of keeping up with standard high speed expectations and delivering HD content, it does not stand up to offerings by Verizon at a similar price.

Verizon FIOS Service

Verizon FIOSVerizon FIOS provides cutting edge Fiber Optic Internet service, digital television, and phone service to communities lucky enough to have the groundwork for a Fiber connection. Verizon’s unmatched Fiber Optic Internet speeds make it perfect for HD Internet television and other high capacity Internet needs.


• Fastest Internet – Verizon FIOS offers fiber optic connections that top out at 500Mbps for downloads and 100Mbps for uploads. These speeds are significantly faster than any other options available on the market right now, including AT&T U-Verse.

• Unlimited Internet – Unlike AT&T, Verizon doesn’t charge a fee for bandwidth used once a cap has been reached. This feature makes Verizon a solid choice for those downloading large files frequently or using HD Internet television services.


• Limited Availability – Verizon’s FIOS service is only available in limited markets, with no service options for areas without the necessary groundwork. AT&T offers limited U-Verse service, but has options for those who are not in a U-Verse area yet.

• Higher Price – Verizon’s plans and bundles all start at prices that end up being about $10.00 higher than similar offerings from AT&T. Budget shoppers will get a better deal from AT&T in situations where Internet features and speeds are not the primary concern.

Bottom Line:

Customers who are looking for inexpensive service that offers unmatched digital TV will come away happy with AT&T U-Verse. Those who want the fastest Internet out there and no data cap are better off with Verizon FIOS.  Please remember to check for the latest offers1

Boost Mobile – The Smart Way To Save On Cellular Service

How to use boost mobile couponsIt seems that in today’s cellular service market, the prices for plan packages and services are skyrocketing, and the major cellular providers continue to enjoy incredible profit margins at the expense of the consumer. It is time for the cellular costumer to consider looking for other cellular options that will be free of the confines of contracts and term requirements, ease the strain on budgets, and still allow the consumer to continue to enjoy the convenience of a cellular phone.

Where should I start?

Boost Mobile is an alternative cellular service provider that offers service on the Nationwide Sprint® Network. It offers service plans that begin at just $50 per month, which includes unlimited talk, text, web, and email. Boost Mobile plans also include their exclusive Shrinking Payments feature, which can decrease your monthly payment by five dollars for every six months you pay your bill on time. This means that with a $50/month unlimited service plan, after 18 months of on time payments, your bill is only $35/month.

Q. Will there be a disruption in service if I switch providers, phones, or plans?

A. No worries! offers you a quick, easy, hassle-free and worry free transition for your plan and service.

Q. Can I keep my current phone number?

A. Of course. Maintaining your current cellular phone number is part of the hassle-free transition process on

Q. I worry that people will judge me if I don’t have a current, updated phone. What kind of phones does Boost Mobile offer?

A. Many people are hesitant to look at other providers or switch to other lower cost plans because they fear that these alternative providers will not have the latest top-notch phones. Recognizing this, offers all of the latest cellular phone models from Samsung, Motorola, and Blackberry, along with all of the latest operating platforms, like Android and Blackberry’s operating system. Boost Mobile also offers various styles of phones, including the popular bar phones with touch screens, the slider bar phones with a QWERTY keyboard, and even a few flip phones. There is something for everyone’s taste and preferences at

How do I get started?

When you visit, peruse the site to choose what kind of phone you would like to have. Once you order it and it has arrived, revisit to activate your new phone, transfer your phone number or, if this is a brand new account, be assigned a new one, choose a service plan, and make your payment. Your new phone is then ready to use.

Are there any discounts or sales on the prices on

Yes! does have a sale category on the search portion of the site. You can find really good sale prices on desirable phones in this sales section. Additionally, there are plenty of coupon codes and boost mobile promo codes available that offer deep discounts on the currently popular phones. Make sure you check to see them all.

Boost Mobile has been proven to be a terrific alternative to traditional wireless service plans. With so many options available for phone and plan choices, and with the incredibly low pricing options on the service plans, you are sure to be satisfied with your new phone and service, and especially pleased with the money that you save each month.

Boost Mobile Broadband vs Straight Talk Wireless

Boost Mobile ComparisonThose who are interested in getting a great no contract plan may not be sure whether they want to get Boost Mobile or Straight Talk Wireless. It will really depend on how the phone is going to be used, and what each customer is going to need. There are many different options here, and a lot of different prices.

Boost Mobile broadband is available on top of their other services for an extra ten dollars per month. That will turn the phone into a mobile wi-fi hotspot. That makes it easy to connect to the internet while on the go, and it is at a fairly low price. One of the biggest advantages is that with Boost Mobile, for each six months that the bill is paid on time it will shrink by five dollars. It includes services like unlimited talking, texting and data. This is a great package, and it costs fifty dollars per month. Adding the mobile broadband, it will end up costing 60 dollars per month, it will shrink over time. Remember you can get Boost Mobile promo codes at!

Straight Talk Wireless is a little bit different, and it will allow customers to keep the phone that they already have. It will cost 45 dollars per month for the unlimited plan, but it won’t shrink over time. Straight Talk is a great option for those who aren’t always going to want to have an unlimited plan, as it also includes good plans for those who aren’t going to be using their cell phones very often. There is also the unique option to purchase three months, six months or one year of service all at the same time. That can cut down on costs as well. This service still supports all of the most popular phones.

However, neither of them are perfect. Boost Mobile doesn’t have all of the phone options that Straight Talk does. Straight Talk has many different iPhones, as well as a large variety of phones that are simpler. However, Straight Talk doesn’t have the mobile broadband option. Boost Mobile will allow customers to use their phones as a mobile wi-fi hot spot and connect other devices to the internet while they are on the go. That could include things like tablet computers or laptops. It is a better way to get even more out of the service. Boost Mobile also allows people to pay a lower amount over time.

Straight Talk is often a better choice for those who aren’t going to be using their phone a lot. However, they do have a wider selection of phones. Straight Talk will also give customers the option to keep the phone that they already have. Boost Mobile offers a lowered price over time, and it will allow people to connect to the internet using their phone.

About Boost Mobile Wireless

About Boost MobileBoost Mobile arrived in the United States in 2001, just one year after it launched in Australia and New Zealand. The company billed itself as an alternative to traditional cell phone companies. While other companies offer steep discounts on phones and high prices on services, Boost Mobile went the other way. You pay a little more upfront for your phone, but you pay less for your monthly service. The company originally offered pay to go services. Users paid for phone cards that filled their phones with a certain number of minutes, and they needed a new card when their phones ran out. The company now offers one low monthly fee, but you’ll find various ways to save on purchases and services.

Shrinking Payments

Boost Mobile believes in rewarding those who make regular payments on time. Its shrinking payments plans start at one monthly fee based on whether you have an Android phone, Blackberry phone or a phone from another company. When you make your payments on time for six months, the company will lower your monthly payment by $5, and you’ll continue seeing your rate drop by making timely payments. You can save up to $15 off your monthly bill just by paying your bill on time.

Free Shipping

When shopping for phones from Boost Mobile, you might come across a few coupons that promise free shipping. While free shipping sounds like a great idea, you should know that the company offers the same thing online. As long as you make a purchase from Boost Mobile, your order should come with free shipping, and the company often has a number of web only and exclusive deals too.

Save on New Phones

When it comes to buying a new phone, you want something that gives you access to the hottest apps and features. Boost Mobile offers a number of new phones from manufacturers like LG, Samsung and HTC, and you can also choose between Android, Blackberry and other operating systems. Coupon codes for Boost Mobile let you purchase the phone you want at a discounted price. Many of these codes are only available for phones from certain companies, and you might find that the Boost Mobile promo codes directly on You’ll also find codes that you can use on any phone you buy, and these codes can help you save 25 percent or more off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Get Free Activation

If you bought a phone from a company in the past, you probably paid more than you expected. Your $200 phone can sometimes cost $300 or more by the time you factor in taxes and the activation fee. With Boost Mobile, you can find codes for free activation on any phone. Though you need to call and manually activate it when your phone comes in the mail, you won’t pay a dime for this service.

Save on Certain Phones 

When you have your heart set on a specific phone, look for coupon codes relating to that model. Many companies release online coupon codes when the businesses want to increase sales on a specific model. These codes can drop the price of a $500 phone to less than $300, and many codes offer even higher savings. Keep in mind that some companies only issue these coupons when a newer model is set for release.

Boost Mobile offers cheaper services than traditional cell phone companies, but it does charge higher prices on its phones. With a simple coupon or coupon code, you can buy the phone you want for less and still get the service you expect from Boost Mobile. FAQ

Expedia FAQWhat is Expedia?

Expedia allows you to save money and take the hassle out of traveling by looking for package deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, and even vacation packages.Why Choose Expedia Over Other Competing Travel Sites?

Expedia works constantly with airlines, hotels, and travel agencies, and our agents are dedicated to getting you the best vacation and travel deals in the industry. Also, our rewards programs are the best in the industry, giving you even more discounts on travel.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely! All transactions are handled through a secure HTTP link, so you can be sure that your credit card information will not be stolen. In addition, Expedia takes your privacy seriously and we will never share your email or mailing address with anyone.

What Are Your Rewards Programs?

We offer two different types of reward programs, Expedia Rewards for individual consumers, and Expedia Business Rewards, which is exclusively for Ink from Chase businesses who choose to book their travel with Expedia. The best part is that both of these programs are free.

How Does Experia Rewards Work?

It’s easy. You’ll earn 1 Expedia Point per $2 spent on flights booked on, 1 point per $1 spent on hotels and activities and flight + car rental combinations booked via the vacation packages tab, and 2 points per $1 spent on vacation packages that include a hotel. In addition, there are special offers available all the time that will increase the number of Points you earn.

What Can I Do With My Expedia Points?

Expedia Points can be exchanged for flights on more than 140 airlines or hotel stays at one of over 70,000 qualifying hotels.

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Simply click the “Redeem Points” link on your “My Rewards” page in “My Account” or from the “Rewards” tab on Expedia. While you can pay for a flight using Experia Points, you must convert your Points into a Reward Coupon to book a hotel stay.

Can I Transfer My Experia Points to Someone Else?

At this time, Experia Points are non-transferable. However, you may use your Points to book flights or hotel stays in anyone’s name.

How Does Experia Business Rewards Work?

All eligible business travel earns rewards. After 10 pre-paid nights at any one of the over 100,000 qualifying hotels, your company will earn one Flexible Reward Coupon, which is worth $100 at any qualifying hotel.

Can I Transfer My Flexible Reward Coupons?

Yes! The best thing about the Expedia Coupons (available on  is that they can be transferred to anyone with an Expedia account. So save these coupons for extra savings on your company’s next business trip or give them as bonuses to your employees.

How to Use AT&T U-Verse Coupons to Save Money

How to use u-verse couponsWhether you are already a subscribing customer of AT&T or if you are seeking a new Internet service provider for your household, using coupons that are offered from the company can drastically cut down on your monthly and annual costs. Using AT&T U-Verse coupons can allow you to get the cable and Internet service you need at a fraction of the cost other companies charge.

Searching for coupons and discounts that can be used with an AT&T account is highly recommended whether you are already an existing customer or if you are looking for a new cable and Internet service provider that is affordable for you and fits well within any budget you may have in place. Conducting a bit of research locally and online is a way for you to find the most possible deals and coupons that can help to benefit your family and entire household.

Finding AT&T Coupons Locally

It is possible to find coupons and deals locally by reviewing local sales papers and weekly newspaper ads. AT&T may list upcoming specials or available deals which can then be negotiated to work for you, even if you are already a paying customer of the company. Purchasing a daily or weekly circular is a way to stay in the loop of the latest sales and various types of deals or packages available from AT&T at any time.

Why Use Coupons for AT&T?

When you use a coupon or a discount code with AT&T U-Verse, you can instantly experience savings depending on the type of coupon you are using and the package you have chosen from AT&T. Using coupons and discounts available for AT&T customers is a way for you to cut the costs of your bill each month while still allowing you to get all of the channels you need and the Internet speed you requested.

Who Qualifies for AT&T U-Verse Coupons?

Although it is most preferred that only new customers to AT&T use ATT Uverse coupon codes and discount packages, it may be possible to put the savings to use even if you are already an existing customer. Don’t forget to check for the latest offers.

Searching for Coupons Online

It is also possible to find AT&T U-Verse and other AT&T coupons digitally online by browsing to the official website of AT&T. You can also use online coupon communities and networks to search for coupons and deals just by the name of AT&T itself. Finding coupons online can help you to compare all of the options you have available and the deals that are right for you and your household. Whether you are only seeking AT&T U-Verse for one person in the home or if you have multiple members of your family who demand the fastest Internet speed, seeking out coupons and deals for AT&T can ultimately help you to save the most money and time altogether.

How to Get Deals as an AT&T Already

Even if you are already subscribed to AT&T it is possible to get deals and discounts regardless of the plan you already have in place. By calling other companies and getting estimates you can promptly speak to a representative from AT&T to assist you with cutting down your savings before moving on to another company altogether. An AT&T is more likely to work with you on giving you the discounts and deals if you are also able to find matching deals or lower prices with a local competitor.